These Tips Will Help You Drop Body Fat, Build Muscle And Even Revive Your Drive In Less Than 7 Days
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Date: October 19, 2018
FROM: Neil Cannon, Bestselling Author, Health Coach & Speaker 
RE: The 3 "Healthy" Foods That Are Destroying Your Body And Your Manliness

Did you know there are 3 foods that you are probably eating every day that may be causing you to feel less of a man? They might just be destroying your insides, causing you to gain unwanted belly fat, possibly causing you to develop "moobs" -  and making you age - way too fast. They are destroying your energy levels, your drive - your 'mojo'. 

Remember Austin Powers? He lost his mojo, right? Maybe not like this, but he did! What is your mojo I hear you ask? 

I feel our mojo is what makes us feel radiant - we walk around with an essence of energy, vitality and attractiveness. Our mojo is what gives us the confidence of a power house. Our mojo is...our swagger. It's our vibe. It's how we show up. When our mojo is rocking, we feel like we can attract and take on any business deal. We get noticed by opportunities. 

We have that...edge.  

Would you like to turn the clock back and get back to the prime of your life, without resorting to drugs or caffeine? Would you like to feel at least 10 years younger in the next 28 days without one visit to your doctor? 

Would you like to know the one hidden thing that not even your doctor knows about, that is causing you to age more rapidly than you should, and is draining you of your most critical hormones necessary to keep your body fat low and your sex drive high? 

Would you like to get your ‘mojo’ back? Are you willing - and happy - to get a little curious, to a) read the book I've just sent you, and b), allow me to take you on a bit of a journey of discovery and what is essentially healing the root cause, so you can get your mojo back? This is natural, painless, and near-effortless... giving you results you can see in weeks… ... 

Yes, Natural “Mojo-Multiplying" 
Tricks Really Do Exist
For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of having a body I was proud of. I wasn't so bothered about being absolutely shredded with zero % body fat, abs popping through my skin-tight T-shirt, guns bigger than my head. That would need the discipline of a Navy Seal. 

I wanted to be toned, with a flat stomach, toned chest, nice guns - a body that would light my girlfriend's eyes up. 

I used to feel sub-human. Sub-man. I was fed up with my friends getting all the attention from the ladies and sexy waitresses. 

Side note: I was recently heckling a 46 year-old female friend of mine. (In a loving way of course.) She's been dating younger men. I told her she could end up in jail dating these twenty-five year old kids. 

She replied with: "Have you seen what most guys in their 40's look like?" It make me think. It made me ponder. She looks after herself - very well. She expects the same of her man...  

A few years ago I was triggered to get into the best shape of my life which I'll get onto in a moment. During my personal quest I uncovered some secrets that enabled me to shed pounds of fat almost effortlessly, building lean muscle, losing what looked like ‘man boobs’ and I boosted my energy levels back to my prime. I basically got my mojo back. 

I knew I was on to something that hardly any men would ever discover...

I made a vow to myself to share what I discovered with as many men as possible. When I began my search for home-based, all natural, non-surgical, and inexpensive 'mojo-hacking' tricks, I was so shocked at how misleading the food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries had become. Even government organizations...

And how often they lied to men (and everyone else), all for the sake of selling shelf- lasting, profit-boosting, hormone-killing “foods”, and symptom-covering / “Band Aid” drugs. Tricking us out of our hard-earned money in process. 

I’m a positive person by nature, so you can imagine how hurt I felt when learning more about this multi-billion dollar scam—a scam even the smartest of men have fallen for, and one that I have devoted the last 4 years to exposing.

Before I go on, I want to talk to you about the hormone that makes you manly. That is testosterone. This is the hormone that enables you to build muscle and burn fat with ease, improves your mental and physical energy, your bone density, improves your heart health, reduces tiredness and of course, it plays a huge part in your sex drive / libido.

Did you know that one of the biggest lies many doctors tell men over 35 is that their testosterone levels drop off naturally with age and there is nothing you can do about it? Sadly, this is accepted by most men. What if I were to tell you that I know a different type of doctor (who doesn't wear a white jacket), who helps men into their 90s increase their testosterone levels completely naturally? 

A friend of mine in his early 30s was recently prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and a drug for his thyroid because he was experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. (Your thyroid plays a big part in testosterone). 

This action by his doctor, in my opinion, is one of the worst things a doctor can prescribe to a man so young...
“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine” – William Oslar 1849-1919
Here’s why I believe this diagnosis to be so harmful: TRT is a synthetic testosterone that sends a message to your brain to stop producing testosterone naturally. When men come off this (as they often experience side effects) they are left feeling at an all-time low having had their energy levels artificially plummeted into the ground. His doctor paid no attention to his diet, nor his lifestyle. 

I did pay attention. I suggested he made 4 diet and lifestyle changes and to come back to me in one month. In 1 week, he came back to me and said: ”Neil, I cannot thank you enough. I’ve burned 4 pounds of fat, I feel my libido coming back, the tightness in my throat has gone (where the thyroid is located) and I have more energy”. 

This consisted of just 4, simple changes that his doctor had not ‘prescribed’. He would have had to be put on synthetic testosterone and the thyroid drug for the rest of his life - and every drug has side effects. 

I have something that works without the health dangers, the side effects, nor the expense... and it gives you the same result, if not better. I’ll share more about this with you in a moment... first, I really want to be clear about something important. While remarkable natural solutions are out there...
These Unique Mojo Boosting Tips 
Are Really Hard To Find
You see... it took me years to discover all the secrets I want to share with you today... So please, know that it’s not your fault that you’ve never heard of some of these methods you can use to have more energy, build muscle and burn fat with ease, supercharge your libido, kick fatigue in the nuts, have more energy than you’ve had for a long, long while…

I’ll be sharing solutions that help you to slow the outward signs of accelerated male aging...

Reducing the severity of low testosterone with poor heart health, bone health and body you’re afraid to show in public - which in itself, might just be causing you additional threats to your health. …

And of course, supercharge your mojo to where it was when you were in your prime. 

  • No drugs...
  • No ridiculous amounts of hardcore distance training sweating your nuts fact that can be harmful to your testosterone levels
  • No more countless pushups, chin-ups, ab crunches 
My name is Neil, and I have a rather embarrassing story to tell you before I share these tips with you today:

I remember this as if it were yesterday. 

It was the day before my best friend’s wedding in the beautiful mountains of Tuscany, in Italy. I was due to be best man the next day. A few of my buddies and I were chilling out over a few beers around a barbecue. 

One of my good friends, Joe, came up to me and grabbed one of my nipples and went: “How are your moobs coming on, Neil?” I replied with: “they’re coming on just fine mate, thanks for asking.” 

As you will imagine, this made me feel pretty damn low. It shattered my confidence. What made matters worse, there were girls present. I shied away and fetched myself a cold beer.

The good I got out of this embarrassing experience is that I decided I just had to figure out how to get lean. I don’t think I had man boobs per se, but if my buddy thought this, then maybe others did too, and I was body-conscious anyway. 

In fact, I used to do countless press ups and chin ups and go for hour-long runs 3 days a week and would still fail to get into the shape I was aspiring for. So, I decided to go on a quest. A quest to figure out why what I was currently doing, wasn’t working for me. I knew I wasn’t alone too - I notice others.

I scoured the internet, read up on medical journals, countless studies, interviewed experts in the field and what I discovered was simply staggering. My heart pretty much skipped a beat.

Everything Became Crystal Clear

No...breasts are not the problem. We are surrounded by what makes them though. The female hormone, estrogen is in our environment and in our food supply. This is the hormone that gives women their sexy curves. This is the hormone that enables them to grow breasts. Breasts look great on women, not so good on men. 

This is the hormone that makes women go nuts every month!

This is the hormone that causes women to store fat – and men.

I discovered that men’s testosterone levels have dropped off by 22% in the last 2 decades. 

We are 22% less manly today, than our fathers were. Sperm counts have almost halved in half a century and operations to correct “man boobs”, is the 4th most popular surgery carried out on men in the United States. 

In extreme cases, men are growing female breast tissue. What the f***?!!!!
This should not be happening!! Surgeons are having a field day! If I were to tell you that male fish are growing sex in lakes and rivers, what do you think would be the cause of this? 

“Gender - bending chemicals are causing male fish to grow female eggs”

Err....Excuse me....what? What did you just say?
It's not just male fish AND MEN that are suffering. Alligator penises are shrinking and other animals in lakes are becoming stripped of their manhood - literally. What on earth, do you think, would be the cause of this? There are a number of reasons... 

Firstly, about 70% of Western women take the contraceptive pill. This is synthetic estrogen. 

When they pee out this synthetic hormone, it makes its way through to the water filtration plants and most cannot get rid of the hormone. It ends up being recycled into the water we drink!!

Next we have chemicals and compounds that act like estrogen in the body. These come from the likes of herbicides and pesticides which are sprayed all over fruits and vegetables we consume every day. 

Have you seen what farmers wear when handling these toxic chemicals? 

They wear full body, head to toe, biologically protecting, suits. They wear a mask so they don’t breathe them in. You are led to believe it's ok to just wash your fruits an veggies and expect to be fine. Some of these protective chemicals are designed to make insects' stomachs explode!

Animal waste (from unnatural GMO-rich feed) is also to blame. Many plastics contain compounds that behave like estrogen too. In fact, a number of typical deodorants, shower gels, conditioners and body lotions contain hormone-disrupting compounds too.
You Are What You Eat...
And Drink....And Wash With....
And Wear...And Eat From....And Breathe In 

You may be shocked to know that certain exercises you might can rob you of your mojo and zap your testosterone levels. When you do endless amounts of endurance training as I was doing when I was running a lot, this can actually chew away at muscle mass, kill testosterone and slow metabolism! 

If you've ever exercised for weeks on end, months on end, with no results, now you know why. The cool thing is it takes much less time than you would think, to get results you need. Who wants to spend hours in the gym anyway? Time is way too precious for that. 

My honest friend Joe (who found it hilarious grabbing my nipples), along with the problem I had, kickstarted my passion in nutrition and fitness to become a health coach so I can help others in a really valuable way. 

Nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than making people’s health better. Your health, your vitality - your mojo - really is the foundation for a successful life in all areas. 

What's the most surprising thing? Almost everything you need to restore your mojo is down to what you put in your body. Certain “foods” made you weaker and certain foods made you stronger. They either make you more of a large hairy woman - or more or a man.
Our food supply has changed. A lot. This includes processed foods. 

HEALTH TIP #2: AVOID FOODS PRESENTED AS HEALTHY AND IN A BOX. They're mostly loaded with hidden sugar, artificial flavorings, preservatives and other unnatural chemicals not fit for humans. They disrupt hormones and lead to other health problems. 

HEALTH TIP #3: AVOID GMOs - MAIN CULPRITS: SOY, CORN (including high fructose corn syrup) AND COTTONSEED OILS. These GMOs increase estrogen levels. 

You see, our ancestors, and our kings, princes and emperors and soldiers throughout history only had natural means of maintaining their health and their manliness. There was no pressure of mass (cheap) production to serve the fast expanding population. 

They never resorted to drugs or complained of man boobs!

All of these things are trigging the root cause of low testosterone, called INFLAMMATION or CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. This is essentially your immune system under attack, trying to protect you. 

Ok, I can't say that for sure. I’m fairly sure they didn’t.. I’m sure you have seen their portraits. It’s a very different picture today. 

Perhaps it’s time to welcome back the old way of doing things… Imagine what people are going to think looking back 500 years from now – if the human race is around by then and men haven't become completely infertile...  

“Check out all these stats about men having breasts surgically removed and using drugs to cover up their man problems. What the hell happened during this time?"

Since writing Mojo Multiplier, I've written a second, #1 bestselling book called The Vitality Secret. It brings to your attention this number one root cause, chronic inflammation, and how to reverse it. The following video, explains the link to low testosterone, and how you can REVIVE YOUR DRIVE...(And get your mojo back!)
Inside THE INFLAMMATION SOLUTION You Will Discover....
  • The root causes of why men are becoming large hairy versions of women!
  • The key foods to cut or at least reduce so your exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals and compounds is minimal
  • 5 superhero foods whose sole purpose in your body is to destroy estrogen in your body. Remember, estrogen gives women their sexy curves - and makes them nuts during their periods! MEN DO NOT WANT THIS!
  • The most effective workouts to boost testosterone, so you can build muscle and burn fat 24/7 - even when you’re asleep. 
  • Best natural supplements to help your body produce more testosterone (a reminder, synthetic testosterone stop your body producing it naturally.) There are natural supplements you can take which do not do that – they create the building blocks for balanced hormones and healthy, natural, testosterone). 
  • Simple "add this food" tips that will help you slow or prevent the downfall of testosterone and a faster ‘aging’ process.  Make your body produce more testosterone and make your immune system strong.
  • And much, much more...
Why Continue To Struggle With Low Energy, Weight Gain No Muscle Definition When You Can Get What You Want With A Measly 7 Bucks?
If you desire, you can of course continue to do what you’re doing right now, and expect different results. 

Didn’t Einstein say something about that? ☺ Or, you can choose to save a lot of time and money and see visible, dramatic results, right in the comfort of your own home.

You can also choose to use these secrets I’ve already given to simply enhance your current regimen if you like, yet why would you want to spend a small fortune, go to pricy, mojo-killing drugs at some stage in the near future?
Why Only $97 $47 I Hear You Ask?

Other than the thanks and well-wishes I receive every day from men of all ages, the number one comment I get is: “Neil, why are you selling this for only $47?”

That’s a fair question. 

You may think I should charge way more for this mojo multiplying online program... 

Yet, I’m not... and for good reason.

You see, I set out on a mission to help as many men as I can. So, I made sure any guy who wants more mojo, can easily afford to have these secrets for himself. And I know that earning your trust is an act of good will. 

Also, this is my “Second Edition Debut Price”... so it’s been reduced from what I’ll be forced to sell it for soon. It really can't be this price for long and you'll find out why when you order. 

I know if I can just show you this simple system for a home-based mojo-multiplying, health-enhancing, life that I’ll earn a customer, and maybe a friend, for life.

I Cannot Take Full Credit For These ‘Mojo Secrets’

A lot of what I am about to share with you today comes from the expertise and research findings of true authorities in the field of hormone regulation... and still a lot more comes from my own pursuit of every little thing I could find to help men enhance and restore their manliness.

So, think of me as a fan of mojo. A fan of supporting men like you get their mojo back and feeling awesome.  As it happens I am also a massive fan of Austin Powers, yet this word means so much to me. 

The truth is I found myself very lucky. I had a great gift given to me – a weird way of looking at it maybe. As embarrassing as my problem was, it led to a lot of searching on the Internet, trial and error, asking experts lots of questions, and experimenting on my own body...

If you want, you can spend about a hundred or so hours on Google and find many of these secrets for yourself. Of course, you’ll have to endure the trial and error I had to go through (there’s a lot of bad mad advice out there.) 

You will have to spend a lot of your valuable time.

The cleverer decision would be to allow me just to hand you a proven, all-in-one-online program to help you get your mojo back - and hand it to you within minutes from now. You save a lot of time, hassle, and energy... and you never have to think about it again. You’ll have all the answers in your hands within minutes...
Isn’t time our most valuable resource? 
It can't be replaced. You can continue doing what you’re doing now, expecting different results, or… 

You can act now, today, and secure your “Second Edition Debut Price” of only $7
What If I Guaranteed Your Results And Your Satisfaction, Too?

Few people would literally guarantee that simply by using their system you would see visible improvement in your energy, appearance, confidence and self-esteem..

However, I’m not most people—and I am as 100% committed to your absolute satisfaction as I am to your mojo...

So, please rest easy and know that you have a full 60 days to try The Inflammation Solution for yourself on me, with full trust in your tiny investment today. 

If for any reason you are not thrilled and amazed by the advances in your health, drive, libido, new-found muscle mass, 24/7 fat burning effects, more motivation and mental clarity, simply email me for a prompt and hassle-free refund.
Do You Have Some Questions For Me?
If you are still reading this letter that means you may be feeling skeptical or perhaps you have a few questions about The Inflammation Solution...

So, I’m here to alleviate any doubts, as well as answer the most commonly-asked questions before you order today...

“Neil, is The Inflammation Solution just a diet?”

In a word, NO. 

Diet is a part of the puzzle. Many men make the assumption that changing your food intake always involves a strict diet. Strictly speaking, food intake is diet, only the term “going on a diet” has been over used. This is not a “going on a diet” for 8 weeks, and then slipping back into your previous mojo-zapping ways. 

1. Diet is 1 piece of the puzzle. 
2. Movement / physical activity advice / methods / tools is included
3.  Managing emotions is the 3rd area we address. Simply put, the mind-body connection is so powerful, that you could be consuming the cleanest diet known to man, working out regularly, but if you're constantly stressed, or angry or depressed, that will affect your immune system and the health of every cell in your body. We have some powerful ways inside to help you calm your body in stressful situations. 

“Neil, how much money can I expect to save putting ‘The Inflammation Solution’ into action?”

Quite a bit! Imagine that you can spend $100 for a one hour session with a PT (personal trainer). I’ve heard of people paying for PTs for years without really getting the results they want. The knowledge in Mojo Multiplier & The Inflammation Solution is not everywhere and widely known. You’ll discover secrets, even the top PTs may not know. 

One thing is for sure: at only $47, and using mostly inexpensive foods and nutrients/herbs and exercises presented to you so simple, The Inflammation Solution is by far the least expensive mojo-enhancing solution in the world.

“Neil, what if I just don’t see the results everyone else is seeing?”

You would definitely be among the minority...however, no amount of money is worth risking your satisfaction and peace of mind. That’s why I have included my "Mojo Or Else" 60-Day Guarantee to ensure you are totally happy, satisfied, and amazed by the results you’ll see. 

If for any reason this is not the case, simply email me using the support email you’ll be provided with for an immediate no-questions-asked refund.

“Neil, can I still have my favorite foods and drinks with your system?”

You absolutely can! Unless you’re eating truckloads of soy or drinking beers every day until the cows come home...

“Neil, how long will it take me to see results?”

Within a few weeks. Some of the methods (including the removal of one staple food from your diet, worth far more in savings than the cost of my entire solution) will give you energy you never knew you had within about 7 days. 

Other results take about 30 days to experience. Now, let’s get you started right now on the road to the most awesome YOU ever!
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The Mojo Blueprint @ 2016 Neil Cannon